Garage Shelving Grand Forks Relieves Stress.

Clean That Garage With Garage Shelving Grand Forks

Moving into a new home can feel incredibly time consuming and stressful. Storing all of your boxes can make it difficult when unpacking, especially if you have bikes, sports equipment and tools. This is why Tim & Sandy gave me a call to help them with their garage storage needs. Before I came they said, “We feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.” I showed them different options and we went with the Monkey Bars Garage Shelving Racks. It helped organize their families bikes and other equipment in their garage, so they can now park their carĀ inside and out of the weather.

Something For The Whole Family

Living in the Grand Forks area gives many opportunities to be able to do different activities year-round. With these garage shelving units it makes it easy to store your different activities. Having a 1000 lb weight limit on the top, it makes an easy way to store all of your seasonal decorations, especially those huge boxes for Christmas decorations. During winter, with our different racks and hanging options, hanging ski’s, helmets and snow shovels make’s it a breeze and cleans up that messy garage, so that the car can be nestled inside during those cold winter nights. Don’t forget about summer. All of those little athletes running around, Garage Shelving Grand Forks makes it easy to hang all of those ball with our special sports net. The lawn and garden needs to be dressed up and with our hooks and racks hanging those dangerous tools up and out of the way from children will make your garage a safe place to go whenever your kids want to get their toys to play with.

Save time and money by getting one of our shelving systems. It will make your life less overwhelmed and your garage clean of mess. Stay organized.